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Floating Pebble Lights – Set of 3

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Floating Pebble Lights – Set of 3

The GoGlow floating pebble lights are flattened spheres made from durable and waterproof polyethylene. Housed inside the unit is the energy efficient colour changing LED to create a range of colours and lighting effects. When floating in the pool, multiple pebbles create a wonderful effect. The lamps have a partially flat base so they can also sit on a flat surface too if you wish to use them outside of the pool.

Using the remote control, change the colour of the light to suit your surroundings – create a warm glowing ambiance or a more lively party strobe or flash.

Just put the floating pool lights on their base to recharge and then enjoy hours of delightful light.
• Waterproof (IP68)
• Size: 35cm diameter x 27cm high
• Enjoy up to 16 Colours with speed and brightness selection controlled by remote.
• Choose from static, smooth, strobe or flash modes depending upon your mood.
• Recharging Time: 4-5 hours, will illuminate for around 12 hours.
Come complete with a power adapter, charging plate and remote control.

This listing is for three x floating pebble lights only.

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 39 × 36 × 28 cm


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