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Floating Pool Balls – Set of 3 x 25cm

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Floating Pool Balls – Set of 3 x 25cm

The GoGlow floating pool lights are made from durable and waterproof polyethylene. Housed inside the unit is the energy efficient colour changing LED to create a range of colours and lighting effects. When floating in the pool, multiple glowing balls create a wonderful effect. The lamps have a partially flat base so they can also sit on a flat surface too,  perfect if you wish to use them outside of the pool to brighten up your indoor or outdoor entertaining area.

Using the remote control, change the colour of the light to suit your surroundings – create a warm glowing ambiance or a more lively party strobe or flash.

Just put the LED globe lights on their base to recharge and then enjoy hours of delightful light.

• Size: 25cm x 3
• Made from sturdy shock resistant polyethylene
• Enjoy up to 16 Colours with speed and brightness selection controlled by remote
• Choose from static, smooth, strobe or flash modes depending upon your mood
• Recharging Time: 4-5 hours, will illuminate for around 12 hours

Come complete with a power adapter, charging plate and remote control.

This listing is for three x 25cm globe lights only.

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Weight 5.1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 26 × 26 cm


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